Dispute Resolution Counselor


The Dispute Resolution Counselor is a newsletter for users of business valuation, litigation, and mediation services, published by David Melton & Associates.


Index by Subject Matter

Financial Issues in Divorce


        Dealing with dishonest spouses (Forensic accounting in a divorce) Aug/Sep98


        Why does it cost so much to get a divorce? Nov/Dec99


        Settling the financial issues in a divorce Dec98/Jan99


        How income taxes affect property settlements Feb/Mar99


        Should Divorcing Spouses file Joint Returns? June/July99


        Dividing retirement assets upon divorce Apr/May99


        Should CPAs represent existing clients in marital dissolutions? Jun97


        Standards of value used in Colorado divorce cases Jul97


        Asset tracing to establish the existence of separate property in a marital dissolution - Part 1 Sept97


        Asset tracing to establish the existence of separate property in a marital dissolution - Part 2 Oct97


        Asset Tracing Discussed at Annual Law Conference Sept/Oct99


        Don't try another divorce case involving separate property without this book! Apr/May98


        Preserving separate property between separation and trial dates Jun98


        Premarital Agreements - Part 1 Feb97


        Premarital Agreements - Part 2 Mar97


        When should a non-moneyed spouse not sign a pre-marital agreement? Nov97



Business Valuation


        What are 10 of the most common mistakes found in business valuation reports? Jan97


        Who decides which individuals are qualified to perform business valuations? Feb97


        How is the "value" of a business defined? Mar97


        Where do they come up with those capitalization rates? Apr97


        Preparing a business for sale May97


        Using family limited partnerships to reduce taxable gifts and estates by 45% Jun97


        Buying a business - caveat emptor Aug97


        Buying a professional practice Dec97/Jan98


        Arbitration of valuation disputes Feb/Mar98





        When is Mediation a success? Jan97


        Was Sgt. Joe Friday a good mediator? Feb97


        Recognizing negotiating styles - Part 1 Mar97


        Recognizing negotiating styles - Part 2 Apr97


        Preparing to negotiate May97


        Using binding arbitration for financial disputes under $50,000 Jun97


        How do you properly threaten someone? Jul97


        Deadlock - Part I Aug97


        Deadlock - Part II Sept97



General Litigation Support


        Expert's reports Oct/Nov98


        Benefits of using a joint or court-appointed expert Jan97


        How accounting experts determine the amount of lost profits in a lawsuit Apr97


        Managing financial information in complex lawsuits May97


        Welcome to the Roaring Fork Valley, embezzlement capital of Colorado Aug97


        A CPA's observations on white collar crime in the Roaring Fork Valley Jul98



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